Canned Emergency Water with a 30+ Year Shelf Life

World Grocer produces a Canned Emergency Drinking Water with a 30+ year shelf life. The product comes in a steel, tin-lined can, vacuum sealed can. The water is completely bacteria free and can withstand tempertures from freezing to over 250 degrees. This is the only 100% completely recyclable emergency drinking water on the planet....Yet, FEMA, Federal/State and other governmental agencies have yet to completely understand the merits of the product. So here there are: (1) 30+ year shelf more plastic bottles/rotating 2-5 shelf-life products in and out. Has anyone thought about the expense of the cost of purchasing,warehousing, disposing of short-lived water....Taxpayer dollars saved! (2) The water comes in a metal can, 12 cans per case, and can be stacked 3 pallets high without crushing, unlike water pouches or box-like containers....Taxpayer dollars saved...less warehousing space. (3) The water does not need any temperature control....Taxpayer dollar saving...less electricity. (4) And most important, if we can truly believe anyone in any Federal Agency really is looking for the most "Green" product on the market...Many Federal Agencies are still purchsing plastic bottles as a part of their emergency preparedness program?....World Grocer Canned Emergency Drinking Water Cans are 100% other emergency drinking water product on the market can make that statement. Bottom Line: World Grocer Canned Emergency Drinking Water with a 30+ year shelf life WILL (not can) WILL reduce the cost of preparing for and providing emergency drinking water during a disaster.